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40th and Pine Streets, Philadelphia

John P. Levy House - David Porter Leas Mansion

1963 Philadelphia

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Woodland Terrace and the Pine Street Neighbors coalition are again defending this gateway to the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia. We are challenging the Philadelphia Historical Commission's granting of demolition based on 'financial hardship'.  The owner, the University of Pennsylvania, wants to have a developer construct and operate an apartment building. You can help stop the demolition by signing our on-line petition.

The property in question, 400 S. 40th Street, is in two National Register Districts, adjacent to a third, and a stone's throw from the Woodland Cemetery, a National Register Landmark. In 1973 it was added to Philadelphia's Historic Register, joining the previously certified neighboring properties on the 4000 block of Pine Street.  (map)

SE View of Levy-Leas House 400 S 40th St
 House still quite recognizeable in spite of 1960s addition.
 Look over the top of the 1960s addition.

Stair tower was the most visually unfortunate addition (1975).
However, all of the walls of the house itself  survive intact.
  Take a look around the back of the tower
Neighboring houses on Pine Street are also on both Philadelphia and National Historic Registers.  At the far left is the corner of 40th and Pine.   Explore more of the neighborhood
The Case against Hardship Demolition
Chronology of 400 S. 40th Street Before and After Penn's ownership
40th & Pine: History, Historic Designation & Zoning
Contact the 40th & Pine Neighbors for information or to make donations

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City Planning:
Plan for West Philadelphia, 1995
 "University City's neighborhoods will continue to attract professional families, and the character and integrity of those neighborhoods will not be threatened by expansion of the universities."   p. 16
Penn's pledge of Responsible Urban Development  Jim Saska, Daily Pennsylvanian  (2008)

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  ( part 4 of Hidden City's report on "A Broken System")

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