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400 S. 40th Street, Philadelphia


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              City Archives

1851  Land assembled from Hamilton family heirs and streets planned for new blocks West from 40th Street.
1853  House constructed by Thomas Allen.
1854  John P. Levy first occupant of the new house on the SW corner of 40th and Pine.
1900  David Porter Leas has the house updated in a colonial revival style.
1942  Property sold to the Thoroughgoods who turn it into a nursing home.
1964  Single story addition added to South side and front of house.
1973  Property Certified Historic by the Philadelphia Historic Commission
1975  Stair tower added to Pine Street side of house (3 stories tall)
1978  Property included in the Hamilton Family Estate National Register District.
1987  Thoroughgoods sell property and business to the Lavins, who operate it as a 'personal care facility' under the business name 'Azalea Gardens'.
1998  Property listed as 'contributing' to the West Philadelphia Street Car Suburb National Register Historic District.
2002  University of Pennsyvania contracts Becker and Winston Architects for feasibility of using the property as a residence.
2003  University of Pennsylvania's subsidiary, OAP Inc., purchases the property.
2006  OAP Inc. solicits a selected list of developers for proposals.  Chooses a 115 room 'extended stay' hotel project over four more modest proposals.
2007  Selected developer, Thomas Lussenhop, requests the Philadelphia Historical Commission decertify the property claiming it has no historic value.
2007  Denied the decertification in July, the project known as 'Campus Inn' is reconfigured to be an 11 story 'addition' to the mansion.
Proposed "Campus Inn" North Elevation Campus Inn 2008
2008  November, Historical Commission denies final approval for proposed "Campus Inn".
2008  December, Historical Commission reviews a 'new' application for Campus Inn Hotel and approves it.  Woodland Terrace and Pine Street Nieghbors file an appeal.
2009  January, Zoning Board of Adjustment begins hearing case.  Developer fails to show at L & I Review Board for appeal - case rescheduled for March.
2009  February,  Zoning Board of Adjustment finishes hearing case. 
2009  March, The University of Pennsylvania withdraws its support for the project. Campus Associates shift the hotel idea to Walnut Street.
2011  Penn informs Woodland Terrace they have selected a developer to build a 124 unit 'dorm' as a seven story addition to the mansion at 40th and Pine Streets.
Proposed 'Azalea Gardens" Fall 2011'Azalea Gardens' 2011
2012 Penn and Equinox informs Woodland Terrace that they have decided to build the 124 unit 'dorm' shorter by demolishing the house.

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