40th and Pine Streets, Philadelphia

A Look Around the Neighborhood

4000 block of Pine at Preston St
4008-Pine to Corner
41st and Pine, Sloan with Price addition
North side of the 4000 Pine Street midblock.
South side of the 4000 Pine Street midblock to 41st Street.
41st and Pine Streets, SW corner.

Provost House 4037 Pine 41st & Pine Street NW corner
Jubilee School, Chester Ave
4037 Pine, aka 'Provost House'
NW corner of 41st &  Pine Street.
4200 block of Chester Ave, Jubilee School.

The Gables, Chester & 46th Streets
1002 S. 46th St
Park Pleasant- Kingsessing Ave
46 & Chester Ave. "The Gables"
1006 S. 46 Street.
Park Pleasant Nursing Home, Kingsessing Avenue.

Walnut Hill College Mansion
Woodlant Terrace & Woodlant Ave
4000 Block of Baltimore Ave
The Restaurant School's Allison Mansion, Walnut Street. 
Corner of Woodland Avenue & Woodland Terrace
4000 block of Baltimore Ave.

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