1986 AMC Jeep Grand Wagoneer
 Wiring Diagram

Power distribution underwent a major change in strategy in 1986.
This diagram is a work in progress based on the 1986 factory wiring diagram. If you find errors, let me know.
Tom Collins FSJ Wiring Page is a good source for looking at factory diagrams if you don't have your own copy.
Feel free to use, borrow, reprint with all the usual caveats including but not limited to; the risk is yours, not responsible for errors, and resale is prohibited.

Starting, Ignition, and Charging System:

This diagram started with the template from  the bottom of post 3 at Jeepforum's Wiring 101
1985 Grand Wagoneer Start, Charge & Ignition Diagram
"Why is my FSJ 12SI alternator different? at IFSJA forum.

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